Vivek and Aayush Turakhia are brothers who have always had a passion for education, helping underprivileged children maximize their potential, and helping these children gain the same opportunities that they have had their whole life.

This passion was magnified during a visit to Cambay, India, their hometown, where they were able to work with one of the underprivileged schools in that area. When the brothers saw the situation in this school, they knew they had to help change it. The students were sitting on the floor, with no supplies other than a pencil and paper, and learning from a teacher who was only using chalk and a chalkboard. Seeing these conditions, Vivek and Aayush wanted to talk to the students to learn more about them. They found the ambitions of the students to be extremely inspiring, with most of them having enormous aspirations, such as becoming doctors, lawyers, and astronauts.

It was very apparent that in the conditions these students were learning in, they weren’t getting the support they needed to further their academic aspirations. During that same trip, Vivek and Aayush worked with a local rotary club to create bags of school supplies such as pencils, chalk boards, notebooks, erasers, and pens etc for each student to enjoy, and to hopefully help and inspire them to continue to pursue their dreams.

Seeing how grateful these children were upon receiving their school supplies, Vivek and Aayush knew that helping underprivileged students was their calling, and For the Students, by the Students was founded, where we aim to help underprivileged students across the country and the globe, achieve their goals and inspire students to dream big.