For The Students By The Students – What We Do

We are a non profit run for students by students. We are dedicated to giving back to the society by collecting and donating school supplies to help the less privileged fellow students pursue education and secure a better future for themselves.

For The Students By The Students #forthestudentsbythestudents

Schedule Us To Pick Up

You can schedule us to come and pick up the school supplies you want to donate, from your doorstep!

For The Students By The Students

Periodic Collection Drives

We run periodic collection drives in your neighborhood throughout the year. Flyers with details will be distributed ahead of time.

For The Students By The Students

We Deliver For You

We sort out the collected supplies and deliver them to the organizations that will ensure that the needy get them.

Help Today To Secure A Fellow Student’s Future

Preparing for a new school year is an exciting time for many students, filled with new opportunities to learn and grow. But for the 15 million children living in poverty in the United States, going to school brings stress and worry about not having access to the school supplies they need.

According to a National Retail Federation survey, families with K-12 children in the US will spend an average of $685 on back-to-school shopping. Of this, $237 is spent on clothes, $139 on shoes and the remaining $122 on supplies like notebooks and backpacks.

However, families living below the poverty line cannot afford to spend that much on school supplies and without these, the kids face a number of challenges: lack of preparedness, participation, self-esteem and interest in learning, as well as behavior and attendance issues.

Of the 4 million+ children in New York, 41% live in low-income families. Students living in poverty are often held back, or moved back a grade because of their constant absence from school when they are needed by their parents to help earn money or to help around the house. 30% of the students raised in poverty do not end up finishing high school. People who do not earn a high school diploma by the age 20 are 7 times more likely to become impoverished for the rest of their lives.